Subscribe to VIDA

A VIDA subscription consists of a collection of packages that defines content and functionality. For example, the spare parts package provides spare parts documents and the parts functionality in VIDA. To get an overview of all available VIDA packages, please read the document VIDA subscription instruction. This document, supplemented with the content on this website, gives all information necessary before ordering a VIDA subscription.

A subscription is always purchased as a specified number of licenses. The number of licenses determines the number of users that can use and be included in the subscription. For each license one user can be logged in to VIDA. The VIDA user accounts are personal. For example, if you have two VIDA licenses you can include two users in the subscription i.e. one per license. If necessary, both users can be logged in to different sessions on the same VIDA workstation.

A subscription and license is the property of Volvo Cars and granted to the license on the conditions stated in the VIDA license agreement. Any disposal such as sublicense or vending is strictly prohibited.

In order to start working with VIDA a valid account is required. VIDA is ordered in Volvo Cars Technical Information Shop (TIS), further information is available under the TIS tab.

Before ordering a VIDA subscription, look closely at your own situation. What subscription does your workshop need?


Pdficon  VIDA subscription instruction