VIDA installation


There is no distribution time for VIDA since the installation application is downloaded via a link. You will be able to start using VIDA as soon as you have received your user ID and password. These will be sent to you by email within 5 hours.

How to install VIDA
1. Start by carrying out all steps in the pre-installation check list before the installation. Otherwise it will not be possible to neither finalize the installation nor start using VIDA. This information is available in the document VIDA Installation Instructions.

2. Download the VIDA prerequisites installation package and install it. Follow the instructions in the document VIDA Installation Instructions. After the installation of the prerequisites package, a desktop shortcut to VIDA is created.

3. Double click the VIDA desktop shortcut in order to install the VIDA client. Follow the instructions in the document VIDA Installation Instructions.

4. After the installation, change your password by using the “pre-expired” password that you have received by email from IDM. Change the password by using this URL:

5. When VIDA has been installed, the computer needs to be registered and included in an existing subscription. Double click the VIDA shortcut on the desktop once again to start VIDA. Click Registration Guide for Subscription on the start page in VIDA to register. Follow the instruction in the document VIDA Installation Instructions.

6. Login to VIDA Admin and activate the subscription (for time limited subscriptions only). Follow the instruction in the document VIDA Admin Help to administrate users, installations and subscriptions. The subscription is not valid before it is activated and the countdown for a time limited subscription starts when the activation is done.

7. If you have a subscription for more than one user, then you first need to create an account for the new user(s) in IDM, and then also add the new user(s) in VIDA Admin to give access to VIDA. For instructions on how to add users in VIDA Admin, see the document VIDA Admin Help. Note! The new users also need to change the password before first logon.

8. Log in to VIDA with the changed password and the user-ID you have received from IDM.

Pdficon  VIDA Installation Instruction

Pdficon  VIDA Admin Help