Report problem using TIE

TIE (Technical Information Exchange) is a tool to handle error and discrepancy reporting and communications between, among others, independent operators and sales companies. The main objective with TIE is to make communication much more efficient, giving shorter lead times. TIE is integrated with VIDA to serve as a solid foundation for the daily work. All discrepancies concerning vehicles, service products, parts and accessories shall be reported via TIE. For independent operators, TIE is integrated with VIDA at purchase from TIS.

The address to TIE is: Login with your VIDA credentials. TIE can also be accessed by reporting an error via the upper right menu in VIDA. It is only possible to access TIE when you have a valid VIDA subscription.

For further information and instructions about TIE, please read the document Quick guide to TIE.

Pdficon  Quick guide to TIE

VIDA creates logs to be used for error reporting etc. The VIDA logging document contains information about the most important log files.

Pdficon  VIDA logging