Frequently Asked Questions

What is VIDA?
VIDA is Volvo Cars main workshop application and supports workshops globally in repairing and servicing Volvo vehicles. VIDA provides service and parts information, diagnostic fault tracing and software download - all integrated into one single application. Please note that vehicle communication equipment is required to enable communications between your computer and the vehicle network.

What will it cost?
To find out your estimated costs, you have to register in TIS as a company and fill in your VAT number. The link to TIS is: That's the way Volvo Cars can give you an estimated price. This registration is free and your information will only be used for the quotation purpose.

How do I update the VIDA application?
VIDA has several information and application updates each year. The application will automatically be updated upon log in when a new version of VIDA has been released.

When can I repurchase a subscription?
See Renewing a subscription to get the answer.

I want to renew my VIDA subscription. Do I need to order a new DVD?
No, DVDs are no longer used to install VIDA but an internet connection is required.